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General construction / Order construction

Make your dreams and ideals come true one by one.

At Sanki, we take meeting with our customers as the starting point, and work towards realizing their dreams and ideals one by one. We are always thinking of proposing the best housing by fusing it in the best way.

Detached house sales

Creating a home that coexists with the city. We provide the ideal living space.

We are sensitive to changes such as diversifying lifestyles and needs, and are always conscious of "what is the ideal living space?" We strive to create homes that match the landscape, taking into consideration the preferences of our customers.

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Renovation / Extension

Think about living that fits your lifestyle.

We offer total support, from replacing cloth and flooring, changing floor plans, and expanding and remodeling entire buildings. We will realize your dreams and ideals with high technology and high quality products.

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Remodel home sale

We create new added value for real estate and produce encounters between people and homes.

Based on the concept of reviving (rebuilding) buildings from the good old days, we purchase second-hand properties mainly using "living environment-friendly products" that we have developed independently, and work with first-class architects and designers to create original brand "remodel homes". we will be created and provided.

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