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Building/Condominium: Profit/Purchase/Sales/Management

We are pursuing ways to attract tenants and increase profitability.

Centering on Osaka and Tokyo, we will introduce excellent properties for owners and properties that meet the needs of business owners according to the characteristics of each city and the social situation at that time. contributes to regional development.

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Own brand condominium

Downtown status.Its existence and values ​​on the modern stage.

"SANKI Glorious Mansion" is designed with a variety of details in mind, such as an advanced form suitable for urban life and a reliable basic structure. In addition, we are pursuing the convenience of the city center and an excellent living environment.

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Own brand detached house

We propose a living space where you can spend an enriching time.

A home is a place to live and a place to return to. We aim to create a home that puts the people who live there first and puts a lot of effort into it.

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Rental and management business

Total production from recruitment to management.

On behalf of the owner, we will handle a wide range of complicated management tasks, such as tenant recruitment, lease agreements, rent collection, complaint processing, and settlement when leaving the room. In addition, we also offer a total support system (rent guarantee) that is safe even for first-timers.

Real estate consultant

For asset value improvement.

As a trusted partner in a wide range of real estate sales, disposals, and operations, such as condominiums, single-family homes, office buildings, and vacant lots, we provide everything from surveys, information gathering, and analysis to planning so that we can fulfill your needs. We will do our best to improve the asset value of our customers.

Land recruitment

For those who are thinking of selling real estate, equivalent exchange, effective use, etc.

Sanki Co., Ltd. actively acquires land for condominiums, land for business facilities, and land for investment projects.

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