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April 1990
Established as an individual in the construction industry
January 1991
Opened Sanki Juken
February 1995
Established Sanki Co., Ltd. Capital 10 million yen
The main business is [construction, real estate, recycling]
October 1997
Acquisition of construction business license (Osaka Governor's License)
Governor of Osaka Prefecture (General-9) 106855
June 1998
Established Construction Division.
(Development, sales, and construction of new plumbing equipment jointly with Matsushita Electric Works)
April 2000
10th anniversary of founding
June 2002
Moved the head office to the current address for business expansion (Sanki Building)
July 2002
Opened the Tokyo Branch of the Construction Division
(Mainly car convenience club signboard production and installation in stores nationwide)
February 2003
Spun off the Recycling Division
June 2003
Spun off the Construction Division
December 2003
Established "Sanki Group"
July 2004
Acquired ISO14001 certification
September 2004
Increased capital to 50 million yen
October 2005
Changed the construction business license from the Osaka governor's license
Acquired Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism permission (Han-17) 21412
April 2006
Spun off the Real estate Division
December 2009
Established Environmental Division for business expansion
April 2010
20th anniversary of founding
May 2011
Establishment of Environmental Business Division head office processing plant (Suminoe-ku)
December 2011
Reorganized from "Sanki Group" to "SK Group"
July 2012
Moved the Tokyo branch to Chiyoda Ward for business expansion
April 2013
Established the System Development Division for building software development
December 2013
License for real estate business changed from Osaka governor's license
Obtained Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (1) No. 8552
August 2014
Relocated the Tokyo head office to Shinjuku-ku (SK Yotsuya Building) for business expansion.
June 2015
Started sales of [Estimation Dai-Toryo]
September 2015
Increased capital to 90 million yen
Material Division started full-scale gold bullion trading
May 2016
Purchased company building in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo for business expansion
(SK Yotsuya 2nd Building)
February 2017
Purchased company building in Minato-ku, Tokyo for business expansion
(SK Azabu Juban Building)
September 2018
Opened Hong Kong branch of Material Division
April 2020
30th anniversary of founding
August 2021
Established Leisure Division for business expansion
Purchased and started operation of a golf driving range in Kashiwara City, Osaka Prefecture
(SK Golf Garden)
November 2020
Opened a dog run facility in Kashiwara City, Osaka Prefecture for business expansion
(SK Dog Run Hill)
March 2023
Established and relocated own factory in Yao City, Osaka Prefecture for business expansion
(Head office factory)