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Software sales「Estimation Dai-Toryo series」
(Estimation Dai-Toryo:"Interior ED.""Exterior ED.""Management ED."/Estimation Toryo:"Interior ED.""Exterior ED.""Move-out ED.")

The major point of the self-developed renovation work estimation software "Estimation Dai-Toryo series" is that you can complete a series of processes in one software, such as 10,000 work items (templates and sets) that are essential for the preparation of quotations from the size measurement and drawing work of the site, product catalogs (for about 200 Japanese manufacturers), complete quotations, planning, ordering work for construction work, billing, and accounting work in a single software.

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Software Development

Business system
We will help you with management reform and business improvement by developing business applications and building infrastructure.

Web system
From simple website creation to full scratch CMS development, we provide services that meet the needs of our customers.

We will build "Estimation Dai-Toryo series" according to the customer's request as much as possible.


We have a complete support system for customers who have introduced our original software.
<Reference example:"Estimation Dai-Toryo series">
・Pre-registration work for templates, sets, etc. (up to 50 items)
・"Lecture ticket (1 hour x 5 times)" standard set for those who are not confident in how to use it
・Software bugs can be fixed by updating the version at any time.

Our staff will explain the package to customers who are considering using it.

Dai-Toryo club / Toryo Association Management

We operate the "Toryo Association", which is organized not only by customers who have introduced a master carpenter, but also by everyone who has registered from all over the country.

<Toryo Association activity content>
・Purchasing agent(On-site delivery with stable supply and price)
・Estimation service(Used for construction work that has never been experienced or sudden request for quotation)
・Business introduction(Introducing companies who are members of "Toryo association")
・Recruitment introduction(Recruitment by posting an article if a shortage of workers is expected at the site)
・Training system(Construction training twice a year: April and October)
・Distribution of industry information(Delivering industry news, new products, new technologies, etc.)
・Seminar(Management training and sales training by inviting lecturers from various fields)
・Consultation desk(Establishment of a contact point where you can consult with various experts)

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About the joint venture

Sanki Co., Ltd. and Tech Farm Holdings Co., Ltd. (listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market: 3625) established Sanki Tech Co., Ltd. as a joint venture in November 2016 to provide solutions for the renovation industry.